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Our Publishing Ideas

  • Publishing is a cultural activity that generates value from value, and is not necessarily for profit.
  • We embarked on this challenge because a nonprofit publishing house had not existed up until now.
  • We were founded from the experience of an author and from her passion for culture, and therefore we stand side-by-side with authors, since we are of the same ilk.
  • We are aware of the changes taking place in the world of publishing and understand that editorial dynamics cannot remain the same.
  • We have come to understand that if publishers think of everything and the author of nothing, the price to be paid by the latter will be much higher than it would otherwise be.
  • We believe that authors are the first in line to promote themselves, especially if they are interested in making a name for themselves, but at the same time, they require guidance and support.
  • We see the author as an intelligent and informed person, who is up-to-date, and not an inexperienced individual to be exploited.
  • We have a direct and concrete stake in the works of our authors, both when it comes to material investment and time and support.
  • We make the most of our strong human relation skills and the extraordinary opportunities offered up by the network.
  • We have a dream, that of revolutionizing the world of publishing through the courage of our authors and the strength of the authentic opportunity we are offering.