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A different kind of publishing house!

We are a publishing house that is quite different from the vast majority of publishing houses present on the national and international panorama.
The reasons are as simple as they are important.

  • Our business was founded from the passion of a great author and therefore we STAND by those who write.
  • To our great fortune, we are under no obligation to produce for profit or gain and are only required to follow the dictates of our Association’s Statute. You guessed right… we are a nonprofit association.
  • We are a group of passionate individuals, coming from areas far-removed from the world of publishing, where we strongly believe it is possible to make improvements thanks to our mixed skill set.
  • Binding us together is a common passion for art and a love for wonderful stories and people. We are especially fond of the latter, including those special individuals who have the gift of making the world a more striking and interesting place to live in.
Chi Siamo